Temecua’s Weather

Temecula residents indicate the the Weather is among the most important factors they like about living in the community. While summers are hot, most evenings a cooling Ocean breeze picks up about 5:00 PM making for perfect patio weather. Temecula’s location creates a micro-climate that does not exist further to the North in the communities of Murrieta and Menifee.

As the sun warms the inland valleys east of Temecula, the air rises, forming a low-pressure area. The colder, much heavier air from the Pacific Ocean,   just 22 miles (35 km) from Temecula, is then drawn inland. The coastal mountain range allows the colder air to pass inland through gaps and low spots. The Rainbow Gap and the Temecula Gorge are two of these low places in the mountains – and just beyond them lay the Temecula Valley.

The cool air flowing inland moderates the daytime temperatures and helps to create a pattern of warm sunny days and cool nights, ideal conditions for comfortable residential living.


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